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Quoted from a business magazine. About 75% of people buy a car on credit, either through banks or through other financial institutions. Of course this is a very tempting market for the financing or bank and on the one hand, for consumers to buy a car on credit, they set up about 10% 30 down payment and that way you can have a car. but realized that behind the easy way to have a car on credit, it turns out we have to pay a cost that is very expensive. During this time when we want to buy a car on credit, the main consideration and preparation we are only on the ability to pay the mortgage each month.We also need to coordinate the many components other costs that arise and we have to pay for the car ownership in the credit period. Not only that, you also need to pay attention to car maintenance costs such as the purchase of petrol, tax and vehicle maintenance for three years. Cars are objects that will experience depreciation rates from year to year, then you as a person who has bought a car with money from lending institutions, should be more attention to the condition of your car, like the one on the website New Car Canada, See Website.

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